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  • I just recently bought the Nord Stage 2 and had no idea how to use it and I was looking for an expert who could teach me. Believe me, get a lesson from Federico and save yourself hours and hours of time learning the Nord by yourself. You will not be disappointed!!!
    Paul, Canada

  • You’re a great musician. My dream is to play just like you, and one day I’ll accomplish that! Thank you for such a huge inspiration for me. Success!
    Rafael, Brazil

  • Tks a lot for the class, I really enjoyed it! Hope to have the opportunity to take more classes in the future!
    Humberto, Mexico

  • Federico has soul and he’s got the funk! Insanely skilled on Rhodes and Hammonds, basically anything with keys on it! Thumbs up maestro!
    Jimmy, The Netherlands

  • very adept at explaining and respond promptly to questions, even the most difficult and unforeseen in the NORD workshop
    Massimiliano, Italy

  • Great lessons! Having started right from the basic concept of playing is very helpful and easy to work with and go forward with it. Even though I only had a few lessons but those lessons were extremely useful and helped me understand so much more.
    Tat, Thailand

  • I had a great lesson with Federico, he is really a nice guy and has a deep knowledge of the subject!
    Samuele – Italy

  • There are not many points of reference for a keyboard player, especially if you want to learn a whole set of techniques, tricks and sound designing from the same keyboardist. The keyboardist “culture” is still a new thing, and a way to organize lessons about modern techniques for keyboards is still hard to find. Thanks to Federico it’s easy to get the core of the job of a keyboard player in few hours of lesson. He will give you the right key to understand and reproduce the role of each kind of keyboard, from hammond organs, to clavs, to electric pianos, acoustic pianos AND synthesizers (from Subtractive synthesis to samples management.). Federico’s workshop was really a great experience for me, in the hard, sometimes solitary, way to become a professional keyboard player.
    Claudio, Italy

  • I found the lessons with Federico to be excellent. He has great knowledge and in particular on the Nord keyboard and was clear and organised in his instruction. Highly recommend!
    John, UK

  • Fed is bringing the soul out of any keyboard.
    Rost, USA

  • I really enjoyed Fred’s lesson and will try it more soon. I constanly use these simple but cool clavinet and rhodes tricks, which I learned from Fred, such as ‘ghost’ notes and how to control the sound dynamically, how to use expression pedal on my Nord Stage 2. Since I am not really good at keyboards technically, I was afraid of being confused, but Federico is a nice and easy guy and we had a great, friendly funky lesson.
    Ruslan (‘Dos Buratinos’ and ‘Funky Bizness Gang’ keyboardist), Russia

  • I had the opportunity to take part to the Nord workshop in Bologna and really enjoyed it! Federico, beside being a fantastic and eclectic musician, is a perfect teacher: he knows the way how to teach technical “tricks”, musical theory, sound “feeling”, playing styles in a plain, clear and passionate manner. He also provided us a lot of files and study material at the end of the workshop. Moreover, I appreciated a lot his advises to explore and take the best of the potentiality of an instrument, to find the way to adapt playing style to get the best results, to research new sounds using in a creative way all the keyboard functions and don’t just wait for a new product’s release (why people wait for a new keyboard release if they just use the 10% of the creative potential of the one they already own?). I like a lot his “medidative” approach, to wide music creativity and find a personal style. Looking forward for the next workshop!
    Francesco, Italy

  • I remember a video from you at Clavia. You are a real synthesist! Not a keyboard player with a synth in front. You really work with the thing!
    Roland Kuit, The Netherlands