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My band’s 3rd album has been released!


azure-hiptronics Hiptronics
Album © 2014 – Azure –
composer, co-producer, keyboards, mix and mastering
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“…it’s a definite “Yes” on the must-listens list for this summer.” –• “creatively composed and superbly performed jazz funk with a steely edge” –• “An extraordinary and varied CD you don’t get enough of” – Peter J. Visser• “The funk of Herbie Hancock is never far away … a bonafide trip to an era in which the symbiosis of jazz, funk, pop and hip hop was still the subject of wide experimentation.” – RifRaf

“… especially the tracks featuring trumpet player Rik Mol are flawless and extremely satisfying” – MMJAZZ

“first and foremost a pleasant record … an album that’s remarkably easy to listen to.” – Opus de Soul

Ocean’s edge videoclip
Making of


cover170x170 Uitgebreid verdwalen
Album © 2016 – Veronique Sodano
mix, mastering
iTunes link

cover170x170-1 Saxify
Album © 2016 – Susanne Alt
clavinet on tracks 2, 3, 4, 12
iTunes link

cover170x170-2 Live at Auditorium Parco della Musica
Album © 2016 – Atrìo.
mix, mastering
iTunes link

12715337_1210624025661663_3436459827686033409_n Live with a boom
Album © 2016 – Mn’JAM experiment
stereo and 5.1 mix, mastering
iTunes link

cover170x170-3 In da House
Album © 2015 – Double Soul
hammond, clavinet, wurlitzer on track 2
iTunes link

cover170x170-4 Bassorama
Album © 2016 – Alberto Rigoni
additional drums programming, additional keyboards, mix, mastering
iTunes link

cover170x170-5 Contrasentido
Album © 2015 Dox Records – Miguel Rodriguez
mix, mastering
iTunes link

alexia_tpsv Tu puoi se vuoi
Album © 2015 MaMa 2.0 – Alexia
keyboards, preproduction, string arrangement
iTunes link

Alberto Rigoni - Overloaded Artwork Overloaded
Album © 2014 ANY AND ALL RECORDS – Alberto Rigoni
keyboards, mix, mastering
iTunes link

macalistair Don’t drop me
Single © 2013 – MacAlistair
co-producer, keyboards iTunes link

Album © 2013 UNIVERSAL – Alexia
producer, arranger, keyboards, mix (all tracks except 1 and 12) iTunes link

Album © 2013 BUENAONDA – Bachir Charaf
producer, arranger, minimoog bass on track 1 iTunes link

Three Wise Monkeys Album © 2012 ANY AND ALL RECORDS – Alberto Rigoni feat. Kevin Moore (Dream Theater), Göran Edman (Yngwie Malmsteen) & many others – keyboards, mix, mastering iTunes link

Così Album © 2012 ESTREMOMUSIC – Davide Antonio Pio
piano & hammond organ on tracks 2, 4
iTunes link

Jason Becker’s NOT DEAD YET! – Live in Haarlem Album © 2012 PRIMAL EVENTS (here I played with Guthrie Govan, Stuart Hamm, Mattias Ia Eklundh, Atma Anur, Daniele Gottardo, Marco Sfogli & many others) – keyboards – BUY NOW!

Bad Things RMX Single © 2012 – Jerry Harris
iTunes link

Groovy Album © 2012 ALBERTO RIGONI MUSIC PRODUCTION – Lady & The bass
co-producer, arranger, keyboards, clavinet, fender rhodes & minimoog

Rebirth Album © 2011 NIGHTMARE RECORDS – Alberto Rigoni (feat. Gavin Harrison and many others)

Stars Album © LUNGOMARE SRL 2010 – Alexia
piano & fender rhodes
Quirky Girl Single © 2010 EMMECIESSE – Lady & The Bass
co-producer, arranger, clavinet & minimoog

Frenzy of Ecstasy Album © 2009 ESTREMOMUSIC – Daniele Gottardo

Pleasure Seeker EP © 2008 Federico Solazzo – Enrico Di Stefano
minimoog, clavinet & fender rhodes

Live and direct EP © 2008 – Rubedo Stone Lino Brotto – Gino Tonico
minimoog, clavinet & fender rhodes

Tales and Memories Rubygarden Album © 2007 Francesco Bighin
piano & hammond organ

Tremo EP © 2007 G. Lopizzo – D. Lopizzo – F. Solazzo
co-producer, composer, arranger, keyboards

Fairplay – Fifa Worldcup 2006 © 2006 –
piano, synth bass & synth solo

REX 80th Anniversary Japanese Release © 2004 – Luca Jibo
synth solo

Libero di crederci Album © 2004 – Federico Favero