Below you can find my discography. If you are looking for the audio production stuff (music for TV commercials, jingles, music for video, sound demos, etc.) you can find it on the Studio > Services and Productions page!

C = composition, P = production, R = recording, K = keyboards, O = strings/orchestra arrangement,  Mix = mix, Mst = mastering



azure-hiptronics Hiptronics
Album © 2014 – Azure –
C, P, K, Mix, Mst
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“…it’s a definite “Yes” on the must-listens list for this summer.” –
“creatively composed and superbly performed jazz funk with a steely edge” –
“An extraordinary and varied CD you don’t get enough of” – Peter J. Visser
“The funk of Herbie Hancock is never far away … a bonafide trip to an era in which the symbiosis of jazz, funk, pop and hip hop was still the subject of wide experimentation.” – RifRaf
“… especially the tracks featuring trumpet player Rik Mol are flawless and extremely satisfying” – MMJAZZ
“first and foremost a pleasant record … an album that’s remarkably easy to listen to.” – Opus de Soul

alexia_tpsv Tu puoi se vuoi
Album © 2015 – MaMa 2.0 – Alexia
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