Hey guys, I have a question for you: I receive everyday many messages about synthesis, Nord or synth programming in general, setup advices etc but unfortunately I don’t the time I wish I had to get back to each of you :/

What do you think about an exclusive WEBINAR of one hour every two weeks for a reasonable price for you?
Something like, you’ll send me the questions in advance, and I’ll prepare a one hour journey answering them, or I’ll create an answering “path”.
This way everyone could take advantage from the questions of the other participants, and therefore learning a lot everytime. Moreover you’ll have access to a chat in realtime, so you can interact with me (that I’ll be on video/audio).

Your thoughts? Any other ideas? 🙂 Please send me an email with the contacts form here below, thanks!

Thanks for your feedback, very important to me!

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