Tips & Tricks and FAQs

Personal monitoring:
– if you only have one floor monitor, please only use 1 channel: put the keyboard LR outputs in two separated channels, and send to the aux output ONLY the left one. In that way you will avoid phase issues from summing 2 channels in 1 and the sound will be clearer and punchier πŸ™‚ Try it!
– I also recommend to keep the volume on stage as soft as possible, so again, 2 speakers means adding noise. If you can get a good mix by using only one (see above how to), it will be more than enough πŸ™‚
– Inear monitors are useful almost only on big stages (unless you have clicks/vocal cues and stuff…).

Maintenance advices:
– If you have a weighted keyboard (or better, anything but synth action) I strongly suggest you to leave it always in its horizontal position. No side, no vertical, otherwise soon you will feel some keys ligher than others and stuff like that. Same thing with the real rhodes (weighted) vs clavinet (“synth action”, only springs actually).

– an expression pedal is essential for the wah on clavinet and the swell on the hammond. Personally I’d go for a “electro-harmonix ehx expression“. This pedal is amazing, no glitchy potentiometers anymore!!!Β I think there is a gyroscope or accelerometer in it, it’s not written in the specs btw πŸ˜‰
NB: if you’ll have a problem with the balanced TRS cable that they provide, just use a normal unbalanced TS cable (just a normal jack-jack). This way it goes CV and it works perfectly on the NE4 and NS2 for example

Half pedal!? Try to catch the tails (release) of the piano sound with a normal on/off sustain pedal πŸ™‚

Some Nord tips and useful patches:
– shift + turn knob (copy + turn knob on NL4) : you can read the parameter value on the display without actually changing it
– LIVE button: press the live button to go to a live patch andΒ just press on that live button AGAIN to go back to the program patch you were playing before!
(NS only) copy slot A on slot B: hold down the destination slot + move the big dial (handy as COMPARE feature)
(NS only) change effect destinations and split zones by double tapping instead of shift + tap
(NS only) SPLITS: press kb zones 2 or 3 to create 2 or 3 split points, shift + kb zones to move the split point, shift + kb zone select (below the volume knob of each section) to assign the zone that will be playing
(NS2 only) MetronomeΒ on NS2?!Β Here‘s a patch I made faking a metronome with the arp πŸ™‚ (play a note in the high range, and change slot to start playing the piano; use the master clock tempo to change the tempo)
(NL4 only) MetronomeΒ on synth?!Β Here‘s a patch I made faking a metronome with the arp πŸ™‚ Use the master clock tempo to change the tempo and have fun with the IM’s while studying!

Frequent asked questions:
I want to load 80000 different pianos on my Nord, but there’s no space: pretend to buy a grand piano and to put it at home…Usually you won’t have more than one πŸ™‚ You can choose the one you prefer and then you have to dedicate time for experimenting with it: it will sound different from octave to octave, and your fingers have to know how to lay down the right voicing, the voicing that will work ONLY on that instrument. Happy discovery!
– my keyboard sounds beautifully with the headphones, but when I record it on my DAW the sound becomes inconsistent: that’s a consequence of the analog to digital converters of your soundcard. Keeping it simple, you have 2 choices: [1] buy a better one (setting the “base level” on RME and Apogee) [2] record with separate stereo channels like 1-3, 2-7, 4-8 whatever. This way you will avoid phase issues in the stereo field. Oh, and use high quality cables, and, as you have a L and R channel, use 2 cables of the same type and length πŸ˜‰

– my favourite keyboard stand is the Ultimate Support APEX 48-B: compact, light, stable and it looks awesome! The height of the keyboards is SO important for a relaxed playing! With the QuickLok D-739 as keyboard stool set to the 4th hole from the bottom, if I’m using only 1 keyboard I set the height to 89 cm from the floor. With 2 keyboards I do 79.5 cm and 101 cm from the floor.
Here you can find my Pinterest board, place where I put the stuff I like (hw/sw/articles). Enjoy!
forScore is in my opinion the best way to read music on iPad, and it’s SO handy!!