Azure Hiptronics 3rd album! Be part of it!!

Hi! Today I’m excited to share with you the new project I’m working on: the 3rd album of my Italian/Dutch band ‘Azure Hiptronics’!


Last month we played at the SXSW festival in Texas (USA) and we got back in the Netherlands with a lot of energy! We started right away the ‘creative session’ and the ‘pre-production’ and we are SUPER enthusiastic about the songs and the sounds we are getting (pict here below)! Continue reading

Azure Hiptronics – Ocean’s Edge VIDEOCLIP

Dear friends,

today I’m very proud to present my band Azure Hiptronics’s new single ‘Ocean’s Edge’ feat. Benjamin Rhodes on vocals, DNA on rap and Rik Mol on trumpet!
French artist Fabien Marcadet with her animation assistant Juliette Cabalery did an incredible job bringing alive our album cover, made by the super talented TRAM.

Enjoy and if you like it, please share this journey with your friends! Continue reading

FREE SOUNDS and more – Azure “Hiptronics” OUT TODAY

N.B.: it’s not necessary to have a Nord keyboard to use this exclusive material: I’m also giving all the details to recreate the same sounds on other brands, as this idea is born with an educational purpose!


“I’m very proud to announce you the release of “Hiptronics”, the album of my band Azure.
It’s a concept album, containing also songs written by me: a journey with and incredible band and a lot of different dynamics!
Along with it, I’ll give you for free some very exclusive material: Continue reading