Audio production services

Below you can find my audio production services. You can find my discography here and the “Videos, TV shows and tutorials” page here!


  • Composition & production

    Tunes, soundtracks, radio jingles, TV commercials, videogames. Here are some examples:

    Baby toys commercial (Worldwide)
    composition, production © 2013
    (3 versions)

    Reality TV show jingle (Italy)
    composition, production © 2011

    Car TV commercial (Germany)
    composition, production © 2010

    Football TV show jingle (Switzerland)
    composition, production © 2009

    Website – background music (Italy)
    composition, production © 2009

    Nord Keyboards Factory Tour (Sweden)
    composition, production © 2012

    Oktapodi (France) – animated short film
    re-scoring & re-sound designing © 2011
    orchestral mockup 

    Clothing commercial (Worldwide)
    composition, production © 2014

    Jewelry commercial (USA)
    composition, production © 2011

    Disposable clothing commercial (Italy)
    composition, production © 2011

  • Sound design

    “Clavia also deserves a round of applause for the quality of the sound design in the presets. While there really doesn’t seem to be any rhyme or reason as to how they’re organized, the majority of the programs are quite interesting, and lend themselves to more than just playing one or two notes before switching to the next one. As someone who feels that more than a few contemporary synths are programmed more with the sound designer in mind than the player, I found the programs in the NL4 to be a refreshing change – not just being intriguing and expressive to play, but really showing off the unique capabilities and flexibility of the synth’s feature set.” harmonycentral, 2013
    “Just listening to the factory sounds brings a smile to your face.” audiofanzine, 2014

  • Recordings

    Online studio sessions
    The cheapest way to have my keys on your projects with top quality recording equipment!
    (instruments & equipment list here)

    On location sessions
    In your preferred recording studio

  • Arrangement

    From your ideas to a full production!

    Italian Pop example 1
    © 2010

    Italian Pop example 2
    © 2010

  • Programming

    Federico can provide you with sequencing of all musical, percussion, vocals, custom synthesizer programming and musical direction for tours and/or record projects

    Tour programming example #1
    Apple Logic Pro + Fluqe OnStage
    + Canopus ADVC 110

    Tour programming example #2
    Daylight – Coldplay Tribute Band –
    Apple Logic Pro

  • Workshops/Clinics

    Synthesis, synth programming, how to manage live backing tracks programming & more

    Nord Stage 2 Tutorial
    © 2011

    Nord Keyboards workshop

  • Consulting and Teaching

    Do you want to learn how to make your own sounds from scratch? How to play the funk clavinet?! How to do all those smears, slurs, palm glisses and swell pedal dynamics on the hammond? One-on-one lessons via Skype on synth programming and clavinet-rhodes-moog-hammond playing techniques. Also available for Clinics & Masterclasses. For further information, please CLICK HERE.